Generic Viagra was excogitated ten years ago as erectile dysfunction treatment. Very soon the drug was approved by FDA also as effective and safe impotence treatment. Generic Viagra is much honored medication because it has saved many lives from taking wrong step. Its class PDE5 inhibitors include all the drugs like it only. Impotence has to bend knees in front of these ED drugs.  


The magic drug is specifically formulated for men suffering from impotence so that they can get hard, firm and long erections and treat impotence. For men its occurrence was like a long awaited dream come true. Generic Viagra sheerly proved blockbuster. It is endowed with not only quality of improving erections but in a less time too. Thus, double benefits of the drug amazed men completely.


Generic Viagra when accompanied by intense sexual stimulation and empty stomach deliver fantastic results within 30 minutes only. The drug effect last long in the body, hence good for achieving sexual satisfaction. The drug is safe. Side effects are attached with it but rarely make appearance. If taking the drug properly and on prescription than chances of occurring of side effects become negligible.


Sildenafil citrate is present as active component inside generic Viagra. It is the main relief provider from erectile dysfunction. Penis muscles get strained when impotence takes place. Sildenafil after reaching the penis firstly relaxes the muscles. Muscles relaxation aids in enhancing blood flow to the penis. On receiving blood penis power of holding erection returns. Erection achieved is so hard that possesses quality of penetrating deeply, therefore men lady get immense pleasure. After sexual activity is over, penis becomes normal again and relaxes.


Sildenafil or generic Viagra does not provide erection on intake only. The drug is must to be followed by stimulation. Sexual urge makes the drug workable and aids it in providing efficient results. Take the pill one hour before you are about to make love. In this one hour generic Viagra makes all the things proper necessary for erection. With the arriving of this drug men days are gone of struggling with impotence. This blue color pill efficiently deals with the problem.  


Generic Viagra is a gold rush for men who have tried almost everything for treating impotence but didn’t get as much relief after using this medication. It has captured the entire ED market. This drug has fully proved itself as best impotence drug.